MP Deepak Adhikary

The “Messiah” Dev does it again

by progati Mukherjee

Humanitarian Bengali actor cum MP Deepak Adhikary, popularly known as Dev is doing no late to help the people in crisis. In this tough time of covid – 19 he has become a messiah.He is very active on social media to get in touch with people. Recently Dev helped a girl named Neha Rungta who was facing a problem regarding a policy. Dev has seen her post on twitter and then took steps to resolve the problem.

MP Deepak Adhikary

His effrots are very much remarkable. Such a great superstar like him is doing his best to rescue everyone from trouble as much as possible.Dev has been involved with bringing back of Migrant workers from jammu, students form Russia, people from dubai and he is striving to bring back Indians who are stuck in Bangladesh too. According to him this is not the time to talk about films or politics but to help people who are in trouble. He arranged for plasma for a covid-19 patient.

In the past, we have seen dev reaching out to Amal Bhowmik(who sells masks), Malay Das(who tested positive for covid-19 to get admitted to a hospital) how he helped Lopamudra Das when she asked for help. Dev is the “superstar” of Bengal, and in this tough time the way he is helping, it proves he is a real life “superstar” too. In a interview with Mr. Ayan kumar Dutta Dev said that – I came from a middle class family so I understand their pain. Dev, undoubtedly the best hero on screen and off screen too.

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